Feb 27th – 8pm – Garver Feed Mill – 45 min with post Q&A moderated by Buz Kemper

Shadowlands is a multi-media film created in real time by Aaron Granat and Thomas Ferrella with a live soundtrack by You Of All People [Ed Ahrens, Kevin Schaefer, Nick Orlowski, Thomas Ferrella, Steve Tyska, Phil Redman]. Granat uses archival video footage, shot by Ferrella over a 30 year period, as another instrument in this multi-media collective. This is their second film collaboration and comes after Mindstorm which was showcased in 2020 in a planetarium setting.

In conjunction with Madison’s Winter is Alive Festival!, this event is funded by Wisconsin Salt Wise. Shadowlands is a catalyst for environmental sustainability. The project is founded on an aesthetic engagement with natural phenomena. We hope to sensitize people to their surroundings and in particular to the changes that are occurring as a result of our arrogant land management practices. This film focuses on the use of road salt and the subsequent proliferation of Phragmites australis, a plant that is aggressively changing our wetland ecosystems.

Shadowlands aims to foster a healthier relationship between the viewer and their natural surroundings, which is so important in a time when the environment needs fierce advocates.

This film will be showcased in 3 separate events:
1]  $20 ticketed live performance at Garver Feed Mill, restricted to 25 guests, balcony seating in the large hall, drinks/food available
2]  Free live stream at these on-line locations:  https://youofallpeople.studio/https://www.facebook.com/YouOfAllPeople-100479008424595/
3]  projected for outside viewing on the large south facing window and on the patio at Garver Feed Mill, Feb 19 – Mar 7, dusk to dawn


Partners/sponsors: Elastic Arts [Chicago], THE BRIDGE [Paris], Cinematheque, City of Madison, Garver Feed Mill, Wisconsin Salt Wise, Audio for the Arts, BlueStem Jazz