Since April of 2020, I have been chronicling the covid epidemic by arranging newspaper headlines on top of my photographs in an attempt to better understand and document these epidemic times. This, of course, represents my personal, inherently-biased interpretation. Decades ago, I intentionally isolated myself from the news since frankly, I simply feel the worlds’ injustices a little too deeply. Best to maintain my sanity than to gaze at the slow-motion, overly-hyped train wreck we call our world. Yes, ignorance can be bliss or let’s say less tormenting anyways. This body of work has immersed me into the worlds’ affairs which has not been healthy for my psyche, but I feel as an artist, the obligation to tell the truth – and if artists do not rise to this occasion who will? ARTISTS ARE THE LAST OF THE TRUTHSAYERS!

The University of Wisconsin Archives and the Wisconsin Historical Society are collecting this project for posterity.