“The eyes of Sauk County are upon you.”

A Mutual Curiosity is a series of 10 large scale photographs of Sauk County residents’ eyes, cut into strips and woven into existing infrastructures such as gates, corn cribs, silos and fences throughout the Farm/Art Dtour route. It is no secret that festival goers will not only be looking at the art, but will also be looking at the local way of life in all of its nooks and crannies. Well, this installation is a means of depicting that the “looking” goes both ways. A Mutual Curiosity explores the physiognomic theory that there is a relationship between a creature’s inner character or personality and their outward appearance and how this extrospection exists as an inherent human trait.

A Mutual Curiosity was sponsored by AlphaGraphics Madison, a City of Madison BLINK Grant and the Wormfarm Institute