1 WORLD [usa] is an extension from my photography series a society of wonder and has been shown as part of three larger group shows: in 2022 at American Players Theater for their Art in the Woods show, Spring Green, WI and in 2016 in Intentionally Welcoming and the Makeshift Festival in Madison, WI.

1 World blurs boundaries.

In particular, boundaries such as race, sex, skin color, age… characteristics that we process as our differences. By eliminating these differences, I am encouraging the viewer to consider the essence of our similarities and how these boundaries and most boundaries especially tribal ones including religion, countries, states, ethnicity are simply hindrances to an all-welcoming society.



1 world



the curtain of denial surrounds us like a veil of uncertainty

hate is the fuel of america

                                 the glue that binds the bigot’s palette

violence is the cleansing agent

                                 sanctioned and justified…born to war


the musicality of humanity’s voice is muted and lost to the shadows

lyricism abandoned in despair and fear

pathways to truth obscured by the commodity culture

                                 the wilderness of illusion


                                 the death of possibilities


                                                            permanently ingrained humiliation


discounted truths

tribal ignorance

codes of secrecy

racist dog whistles

conspiracy theories

                                                            these are the threats in the digital age


1 world


1 world


1 world





thomas ferrella _ 2022