america is a ghost

 america is a ghost in a void bent into the sum of our mistakes 
 where shadows wander in the darkness unseen 

                                       teetering on the edge of chaos
 merchants of certitude deliver holy capitalism
               -- where war follows money and money follows war … endless wars
 this is the business that is our america
 the sinister face of aggression hidden by a veil of empathy
 detached from reality the conspiracy of extreme beliefs is hijacking the new narrative
             amplified - dangerous – misinformed

                                  perplexing a common decency
 the deep fire where angels come to drown is our legacy
 the abyss of endless sorrow
 the deconstruct of our naked humanity
 the isle of denial
                            our america



                                                       thomas ferrella


a film_handcrafted in real time by aaron granat + thomas ferrella music by you of all people – ed ahrens, kevin schaefer, nick orlowski, phil redman, steve tyska, thomas ferrella

“Ghost Wars pushes boundaries further in its rippling raze of the personal and public desolations of late capitalism and endless war. Its imagery, crafted or shot by Ferrella and manipulated by Granat, draws upon familiar totems and symbols (Ferrella’s art prints, for one) to metamorphose a tapestry of American avarice and strife. As evidenced in a short preview below, some of the stark visual components permeating the frame involve the atom bomb-etched American dollar bills sewn into the national flag.

Along with You Of All People’s extended technique and effects-laden spoken word providing the melodies and textures to this live brew under the Planetarium dome, Granat and Ferrella have enlisted other local allies to enhance the breadth of the live spectacle” Grant Phipps/Tone Madison

All proceeds from both unique hour-long performances will benefit the Madison chapter of Friends Of Ukraine.

2022/2023 performances have included Gallery Marzen, Spaceship TV, Madison Metropolitan School District Planetarium [Madison, WI] and Elastic Arts [Chicago, IL]