I was recently invited to participate in an exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, hosted annually by Wisconsin Lutheran College’s Schlueter Art Gallery.

As an artist whose work often addresses themes of our natural beauty and the threats to our indigenous wildlife and landscape, I was happy and honored to be included in this show.

Here is my painting for the show, of a white-breasted nuthatch titled“wha..wha..wha..wha..wha..wha..”, after the bird’s call. The inspiration for this painting came from my recent trip to Isle Royale National Park. The show runs July 9th through August 5th.

“wha..wha..wha..wha..wha..wha..”, by Thomas Ferrella, oil on metal, floating on oil on wood panel plywood, 11 x 22 inches
flyer for the event