1 World blurs boundaries. In particular, boundaries such as racism, sex, skin color, age… characteristics that we process as our differences. By eliminating these differences, I am encouraging the viewer to consider the essence of our similarities and how these boundaries and most boundaries including religion, countries, states, ethnicity are hinderances to a society of acceptance. Only when these boundaries are considered unimportant can we advance as a people, show our love, and exist in harmony.

Cuba and my country, the United States, have many similarities, but most importantly, we are counties of great diversity and culture. Thus, art becomes a powerful way to show our love. In a small way, 1 World breaks down these boundaries between our countries and allows us to demonstrate our love for each other.

This is my third trip to Cuba, the first two being as a guest of the Camaguey people as part of the Wisconsin Medical Project which is an offshoot of the Madison-Camaguey Sister City Association. I extend a gracious “thank you” to the folks that helped make 1 World happen: Dr. Bernie Micke, Maria and Orestes Larios, Juan Mejias, Julie Mott and Ricardo Gonzales. They are true boundary breakers.